About Us

As family focused women, my daughter and I were each on a quest to improve the health of ourselves and those we love most. We never imagined it would lead us to create our own bakery!

This journey started after eliminating all grains and sugars from our diet. It was hard. I missed having bread to hold my grass-fed beef burger! So I went to my kitchen with the goal of creating a sandwich bun without all the unhealthy ingredients.

After several months of trial and error and stacks of dirty dishes, I perfected my recipe. I started sharing the buns with friends and family, and everyone loved them! My daughter suggested we market them and share them with the world. Thus the Omega Bun was born.

Our desire is that it will be the end of your search for a truly healthy and tasty bread alternative. We pray the Omega Bun will bless you and your family as it has ours.


"Well, I checked out your buns and…OMGOSH! Your Omega Buns are totally awesome! I can finally say I’ve found exactly what I’ve been looking for for years!"

Nancy from Grove City, OH

"My wife and I love these. Not only are these the perfect healthy alternative to bread but great people also."

Todd from Circleville, OH

"I've looked for something like this on the market for years, tried others and by far these are hands down the best out there!"

Paula from New Albany, OH

"Omega Buns are delicious!! We don’t have to miss out on sandwiches and toast any more!"

Shelley from Lindenhurst, IL

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