Where can I buy Omega Buns?

Omega Buns can currently be purchased here on our website, or at the following locations:

If you are a retailer wishing to stock Omega Buns in your store please contact us or find us on Facebook!

What makes the Omega Bun a unique option compared to other “low carb” and Paleo products?

Omega Buns are a flaxseed-based bun, which means that they have fewer calories and less carbohydrates than other low-carb and Paleo products. In fact, Omega Buns are the one of the only flaxseed-based bread products on the market and is the only product of it’s kind that is USDA-certified organic! Omega Buns support a multitude of restricted eating plans. If you can’t (or choose not to) consume nuts, dairy, starches, coconut, or grains: Omega Buns are the perfect option!

What ingredients go into the Omega Bun?

See our Ingredients.

Alternatively, take a look at our Nutrition Facts below.

What is the shelf life of an Omega Bun?

The typical shelf life of an Omega Bun, stored at room temperature, is 2-3 days. We recommend storing your Omega Buns in the refrigerator to prolong shelf life. An Omega Bun in the refrigerator can last up to two weeks. The Omega Bun can also be frozen for up to six months in a freezer-safe container/bag.

Are your ingredients organic?

Yes! In fact, Omega Buns are the only low-carb, USDA-certified organic bread product on the market!

If you’d like to read about our ingredients in detail, click here. If you’d rather take a quick peek at our Nutrition Facts/Ingredients List, see below.

Why is the Omega Bun grain-free?

Grains – even non-GMO and organic grains – are detrimental to our health. Wheat is the world’s most consumed grain. Wheat causes spikes in blood glucose even more so than sugar. Consuming wheat has been linked to obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even dementia. Today’s wheat is high in amylopectin A, a carbohydrate that is converted to glucose faster than any other carbohydrate. It has been found to be a potent appetite stimulate because the rapid rise and fall in blood sugar causes constant hunger. When people quit eating wheat they typically consume about 400 fewer calories a day.

Are Omega Buns safe for those with Celiac Disease?

Omega Buns are prepared with all gluten-free ingredients, but are currently produced in a home bakery where gluten is present. In the future, our goal is to produce Omega Buns in a certified gluten-free environment.

Can I eat Omega Buns if I’m diabetic or following a low-carb diet?

Absolutely! Omega Buns only have one net carb and provide a good mix of fiber, fat and protein. All of these factors slow digestion and help to avoid rapid spikes in blood sugar levels. Omega Buns are also completely sugar-free!

What allergens are in Omega Buns?

Omega Buns contain eggs but have NO nuts, NO soy, NO corn, and NO dairy. However, allergens (such as nuts, soy, etc.) may be present in the home bakery and/or the facilities that source some of our ingredients.

How are Omega Buns different from other buns?

Omega Buns are 100% grain free, sugar free, dairy free, all organic, have one net carb, and are made with gluten-free ingredients! They are a delicious alternative to other buns with harmful, refined ingredients and artificial preservatives. Omega Buns are high in fiber and protein and are a stable source of energy. Omega Buns are designed to nourish your body and help you feel satisfied.

What are some ways that Omega Buns can be eaten?

Everyone has their favorite way to eat the Omega Bun. Our personal favorite: take an Omega Bun on the go to your restaurant of choice and enjoy a hamburger, deli or chicken sandwich! Many enjoy the Omega Bun as a start to their day by crafting a scrumptious breakfast sandwich with egg, cheese, and assorted garnishes. Some love their Omega Bun lightly toasted and spread with freshly ground peanut butter or cream cheese. Others make mini-pizzas by sprinkling the Omega Bun with their favorite toppings! Kids and adults alike enjoy the Omega Bun as a classic PB&J or grilled cheese. When you are eating something as healthy as the Omega Bun the possibilities are endless!

How ever you decide to partake of your Omega Bun, be sure to drink lots of water since the Omega Bun is full of fiber.

Can I toast my Omega Bun?

If you wish to toast your Omega Bun, do so lightly, in the toaster or by buttering and placing it in a skillet for a few seconds.

Be warned: a burnt bun is no fun (for your nose!); over-toasted Omega Buns will smell unpleasant.