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Omega Bun Dry Mix

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The Omega Bun Dry Mix allows you to prepare six one-of-a-kind sandwich buns in your own kitchen – just add water, eggs and your choice of sweetener to the mix!

This revolutionary sandwich bun is made from all-natural, organic ingredients and has:

NO grains
NO dairy
NO sugar
NO starch
NO nuts
NO gluten
And only ONE net carb!

If you have been looking for a sandwich bun that will fit your Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins (low-carb), Whole30, Gluten-free, grain free or sugar-free diet, then this is the bun for you!

Omega Bun products are a fantastic source of protein, fiber and Omega-3s! The Dry Mix contains not one, but THREE super foods to promote optimum health benefits….and the buns taste delicious!

Because the prepared buns contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients, we strongly recommend refrigerating or freezing them. At room temperature they will stay fresh for around 3-4 days, in the refrigerator for around 2 weeks and in the freezer around 12 months.

The Omega Bun Dry Mix is made with gluten-free ingredients and produced in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-tree facility.

A few notes regarding production/shipment:

  1. Orders are typically shipped within three calendar days of receipt.
  2. International orders are shipped via USPS International First Class; please allow one to three weeks to receive your shipment.

25 reviews for Omega Bun Dry Mix

Based on 25 reviews
  1. jennaayleejohnston (Verified Purchaser)

    They are perfect as english muffins when toasted! I have been having them for breakfast with crunchy organic peanut butter and no sugar raspberry jam! Totally makes my day now!

  2. vandellenhouse (Verified Purchaser)

    The Dry Mix is awesome! The directions are simple and the buns bake up beautifully and taste delicious! I love them cold with cream cheese and sugar free raspberry jam! I love them with turkey and bacon! I love them with burgers! I love them with peanut butter! I just love them! I was missing sandwiches on my gluten free journey but not any more!

  3. Nicole (Verified Purchaser)

    Okay, so I’ve had these shipped already baked and those were fantastic. Now I’ve had a chance to use the mix and I’m so happy! Soooo good. The only bread substitute I’ve had that’s worth it!

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    Image #1 from Nicole
  4. Randi D. (Verified Purchaser)

    I LOVE Omega buns! They are easy to make and to be able to make a sandwich on my Keto diet is wonderful. Received a recommendation from Beth to use “Everything But the Bagel” seasoning on them – even better.

  5. Kayleigh Duggan (Verified Purchaser)

    I really enjoyed these! They were very easy to set up/cook per the instructions and they came out perfectly. I ate a hot ham and cheese on it and it was absolutely delicious! Excited to try toasting with some cream cheese. My only complaint is that I wish we could split the package up and not cook all 6 at once. I don’t eat them THAT often and would like to be able to just make 2 or 3 at a time. Will definitely purchase again.

  6. Deena S. (Verified Purchaser)

    Easy to make and they turn out just like the already made buns.

  7. Lynne B. (Verified Purchaser)

    Using Omega Bun dry mix is so simple. The directions are easy to follow. I do what it says and end up with a great, tasty outcome! I highly recommend the dry mix & will continue to use this product.

  8. Joan Meador (Verified Purchaser)

    Have not made yet, but I am sure they will be great.

  9. Joan W. (Verified Purchaser)

    These are great and taste like real bread. And they really satisfy the urge for bread when you are on a Keto diet.

  10. Arlene B. (Verified Purchaser)

    Love this product. My husband is doing Keto and loves being able to eat bread again. Sooo easy to make.

  11. Emily P. (Verified Purchaser)

    These are the best paleo/keto buns I have EVER had. You truly don’t know what you’re missing. If you have never tried these buns, it’s a must. They are soft, durable, don’t get soggy, and can hold a sandwich easily without mess. 10/10 amazing!!

  12. Eleanor (Verified Purchaser)

    Love em

  13. Roger B. (Verified Purchaser)

    Would not buy again since $9 is too much for 6 buns.

  14. Cynthia A.

    This dry Omega bun mix is out of this world! I just received it in the mail today and baked them this afternoon and to my delight, I found them beyond delicious! Thank you for making this incredibly easy to prepare, healthy mix that is just the perfect perfect bun for any keto or gluten-free diet! I am just thrilled and can’t wait to get up in the morning to have one with my coffee God bless you for making such an amazing product! I am one new happy customer.

  15. Kathy A. (Verified Purchaser)

    Very good!

  16. April P. (Verified Purchaser)

    These buns are fabulous. Very easy to make, only add 2 eggs and hot water. They come with the container to bake them in. They have a great texture, are moist, and hold up to messy hamburger patties or a BLT. I also use 1/2 sometimes in the morning with one egg on top, and a slice of bacon. It makes a very satisfying meal. My first order, I got 3, and I’ve now reordered 6. I’ve shown them to friends who were curious and they were impressed. Not sure if they’ve ordered or not. But I will have these as a staple in my pantry. I am so totally thrilled to have something more substantial than a leaf of lettuce for sandwiches. Thank you, Omega Bun!

  17. Megan P. (Verified Purchaser)

    Awesome product, comes with baking cups so you make perfect buns!

  18. Carla C. (Verified Purchaser)

    Love, love, love these buns! So easy to make and delicious.

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    Image #1 from Carla C.
  19. Mary S. (Verified Purchaser)

    I was so excited when I found your products because I am GF/DF and low carb! I ordered your mix and was not let down when I made and baked them myself; so easy! I loved the hamburger bun pans that are included with the mix; it makes everything so simple, and they all turn out the same size! I think they taste delish and will be a return customer! I ordered the 6-pack and I am happy that I did! 🙂

  20. Shelley (Verified Purchaser)

    I LOVE the Omega Bun and Artisan Loaf mixes!!! They bake up beautifully!! They are so easy to make and it’s so convenient having the mixes in my pantry for when I need them. I love the texture and the taste and I appreciate all the healthy ingredients! Giving up bread was a painful but necessary sacrifice for my health but Omega Bun makes it possible to have all my favorite sandwiches again!!! Thank you ladies!!!!!!!

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    Image #1 from Shelley
    Image #2 from Shelley
  21. Priscilla A. (Verified Purchaser)

    I love these buns! Great for hamburgers and sandwich buns. I am so happy that I found this company and I know I will be re-ordering in the future. Thanks, Omega Bun!

  22. David S. (Verified Purchaser)

    The mix makes the best low-carb bread I have found.

  23. David (Verified Purchaser)

    Great bread alternative!

  24. Venkat (Verified Purchaser)

    The biggest boost is its 1g Low Carb.
    The flax seed taste is more prominent.
    Will buy again.

  25. Kristin (Verified Purchaser)

    Love the product. It tastes fantastic, soft texture and NOT gritty. This is more economical as well and makes your whole kitchen smell amazing as it bakes!

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