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Due to COVID-19, Sample orders of less than four are placed at your own risk!

Sample orders with a quantity of 1 – 3 are shipped via USPS First Class. However, due to the impact of COVID-19 on USPS shipping times, they are taking too long to be safely delivered. If you order 1 – 3 Samples, you are ordering at your own risk! However, 4 or more Samples will ship via USPS Priority and are not currently subject to delivery delays.

The Omega Bun is a one-of-a-kind sandwich bun!

This revolutionary sandwich bun is made from all-natural, organic ingredients and has:

NO grains
NO dairy
NO sugar
NO starch
NO nuts
NO gluten
ONE net carb!

The Sample is a single bun; please select your desired topping: Original (“Plain”), Sesame Seed, or Chia Seed. Please note that for all variations the base bun is the same; only the toppings vary.

If you have been looking for a sandwich bun that will fit your Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins (low-carb), Whole30, Gluten-free or sugar-free diet, then this is the bun for you!

Omega Buns are a fantastic source of protein, fiber and Omega-3s!

Because our buns are made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients we strongly recommend refrigerating or freezing them. At room temperature they will stay fresh for around 3-4 days, in the refrigerator for around 2 weeks and in the freezer around 12 months.

The Omega Bun is made with gluten-free ingredients and produced in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility.

A few notes regarding production/shipment:

  1. We produce and ship buns on MONDAY and TUESDAY to ensure that your buns will arrive fresh and in a timely manner.
    • For orders received after 8 PM ET on Monday, your order will be fulfilled the following week.
  2. Buns typically ship with cold packs and insulated wrap, however these can have the opposite effect if not removed immediately upon receipt (the wrap insulates the contents, so if the package gets hot: the heat stays in!).
    • Please remove your buns from the wrap promptly upon receipt and refrigerate. Once cooled, they can be moved to the freezer, if desired.

20 reviews for Omega Bun Sample

  1. Susan B. (verified buyer)

    We really enjoyed your buns! We used them as hamburger buns and they were great! I love the texture and the taste (not eggy or weird). I also love that it’s a business owned by women and that it’s a Christian-centered business (loved the Bible verse on the insert card!)! I will definitely be buying your product again. I would like the buns bigger for burgers so am thinking about buying your mix so I can make the buns whatever size we want. Keep up the good work! Us keto people need good healthy bread/bun options with quality ingredients!!

  2. Rebecca M.

    I continue to be impressed with the quality and texture of these buns! I use them with hamburgers and they hold up very well. I also use them as toast with avocado and they are fantastic. I have not found another product like this! Your website is also easy to use and shipping is fast! I so appreciate you!!!! Thank you!!!!

  3. Jennifer T. (verified buyer)

    The buns were phenomenal! They hold together well and do not become mealy when chewing. It was a pleasure to eat a burger on a bun again.

  4. Shelli S. (verified buyer)

    Taste was good but a bit pricey.

  5. Diane A. (verified buyer)

    I was so excited to order these and really looking forward to getting them. Although $4.50 each with the shipping, I would pay almost anything to get a gluten-free, low-carb roll like this. I have Celiac disease so gluten is not an option for me. Sadly, the taste is really bad. Even with bacon & egg on it, I couldn’t finish it. I really wanted to love it. Work on the flavor, please.

  6. Kimberly S. (verified buyer)

    The buns were ok. They weren’t horrible at all but I’m just glad I ordered the samples before I ordered the large packs because they would have went to waste. Any bread that I make myself using almond flour or coconut flour are much more tasty… to me, anyway.

  7. Lorraine N. (verified buyer)

    I toasted it had a burger it was awesome. I will be getting more.

  8. Julie S. (verified buyer)

    These are the best ever!!! I enjoyed a hamburger this past weekend on a bun! It’s been years since I had a bun that didn’t fall apart at the first bite or taste bland. Definitely buying more! Thank you for offering samples. So many times I’ve bought items (expensive GF items) to try and end up tossing out.

  9. Megan P. (verified buyer)

    Very happy with the product! The customer service is fantastic as well!

  10. Gabrielle W. (verified buyer)

    These are some great low carb keto buns. I do the keto diet and made me some egg bacon and cheese hamburgers. I ate them using Omega Bun hamburger buns. All 3 versions of their buns taste good. They are kind of light but all in all, I like the texture and taste of them. They’re a great keto low carb alternative to regular hamburger buns if you’re looking for one and don’t want to use lettuce as your bun alternative. They’re only 140 calories per bun with 8 total carbs and 1 net carb. Try it out.

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