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The Omega Bun is a one-of-a-kind sandwich bun!

This revolutionary sandwich bun is made from all-natural, organic ingredients and has:

NO grains
NO dairy
NO sugar
NO starch
NO nuts
NO gluten
ONE net carb!

The regular Value Pack includes four packs of four buns (sixteen buns total) and the Large Value Pack includes six packs of four buns (twenty-four buns total).

Please select your desired topping: Original (“Plain”), Sesame Seed, Chia Seed, or Variety; the regular Variety Value Pack consists of eight Original, four Sesame Seed, and four Chia Seed buns and the Large Variety Value Pack consists of eight Original, eight Sesame Seed, and eight Chia Seed buns. Please note that for all variations the base bun is the same; only the toppings vary.

If you have been looking for a sandwich bun that will fit your Ketogenic, Paleo, Atkins (low-carb), Whole30, Gluten-free or sugar-free diet, then this is the bun for you!

Omega Buns are a fantastic source of protein, fiber, and Omega-3s!

Because our buns are made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients we strongly recommend refrigerating or freezing them. At room temperature, they will stay fresh for around 3-4 days, in the refrigerator for around 2 weeks and in the freezer around 12 months.

The Omega Bun is made with gluten-free ingredients and produced in a dedicated gluten-free and nut-free facility.

A few notes regarding production/shipment:

  1. We produce and ship buns on MONDAY and TUESDAY to ensure that your buns will arrive fresh and in a timely manner.
    • For orders received after 8 PM ET on Monday, your order will be fulfilled the following week.
  2. Buns typically ship with cold packs and insulated wrap, however, these can have the opposite effect if not removed immediately upon receipt (the wrap insulates the contents, so if the package gets hot: the heat stays in!).
    • Please remove your buns from the wrap promptly upon receipt and refrigerate. Once cooled, they can be moved to the freezer, if desired.

74 reviews for Omega Bun Value Pack

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  1. Jen Fisch (@ketointhecity_)

    Tonight I tried an Omega Bun for the first time! They’re great! All organic, no grains, no sugar, no dairy. I was a happy girl!

  2. Lynn Terry (@lowcarbtraveler)

    I got to try Omega Buns this week. GREAT product, only 1 net carb per bun & quality ingredients.

  3. L

    These buns are truly, truly, truly good. On a keto diet, so many breads are too high in carbs, or full of gluten, or just taste bad or have a weird consistency. But I LOVE these. I’ve made french toast, sandwiches, cheesy bread, and peanut butter toast with them already! (They’re also really filling thanks to all the fiber!) Keep doing what you’re doing, Omega people!

  4. Lara Fastman (verified buyer)

    I have been purchasing the omega buns for several months for my family of 5. We all enjoy the bun and use them for all kinds of sandwiches or just toasted with butter/cream cheese! I initially purchased them because i have followed a keto lifestyle for the past 4 years and my husband follows a low glycemic diet. We along with my children have grown to love them!! I have finally subscribed to omega buns and look forward to monthly auto deliveries!!

  5. Robin

    The Omega Buns are absolutely amazing. I have an allergy to wheat, corn and rice of which most gluten free breads consist of. I was very excited to find these ladies at the Bexley Farmers Market. The buns look good but they taste even better.

  6. Dana Malloy

    Ordered from the company for my Keto-loving son. He received them and LOVED the buns. As I ordered quite a few he froze remainder; two months later he is still enjoying them. They thaw well. Very tasty and will be ordering again soon. Thank you so much for giving a great option to enjoy a sandwich or burger!

  7. Dr G. (verified buyer)

    After trying at least a dozen different Keto buns, I have finally found my favorite. Perfect size, texture and taste. Will certainly make this a staple in our home.

  8. Francoise H. (verified buyer)

    These save me from feeling sorry for following a relatively low carb lifestyle. I eat one a day with peanut butter and that satisfies my psyche for the rest of the day. The taste is just wonderful. Thank you.

  9. Betty (verified buyer)

    We love these buns. My husband is a diabetic and eats one toasted every morning with peanut butter. I love them before bed, toasted with lots of cream cheese. Thank you Omega Buns for making these!

  10. Tiffany Watkins (verified buyer)

    Very tasty

  11. Marshall (verified buyer)

    Am very pleased! Very tasty and great for burgers, chicken, grilled cheese and sloppy joes!

  12. Dawn Hall (verified buyer)

    These buns are AMAZING! So soft and delicious. I highly recommend

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    Image #2 from Dawn Hall
  13. Allison Catlos (verified buyer)

    I have recently gone gluten free due to dietary reasons and am SO thankful for the tasty nutrition of Omega Buns. I highly recommend them!

  14. Myriam M. (verified buyer)

    I just tried the chia seed and sesame seed buns, OMG they are so tasty! I am loving to be able to enjoy bread again after finding I am gluten intolerant. I like them toasted with butter, cream cheese and strawberry jam. Oh the best part: only 1 net carb.

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    Image #1 from Myriam M.
  15. Karen Williams (verified buyer)

    These buns are so delicious, and since I love to eat sandwiches, they are absolutely perfect because of the low carbs! Also I love flaxseed!

  16. Judy W. (verified buyer)

    Very Soft buns – my daughter and her family loved them. Even after being in the refrigerator for 5 days still fresh and soft. I will order again.

  17. Betty (verified buyer)

    I love these buns. I especially like the fact you can purchase a sample pack, so you can decide which ones you like the best for future orders. Will definitely order again!

  18. Jeff H. (verified buyer)

    I just love those buns, they are great for Avocado toast, egg sandwiches, hamburgers, or deli sandwich.

  19. Joan Meador (verified buyer)


  20. Francoise H. (verified buyer)

    I love eating the little buns with chocolate peanut butter on them. I don’t feel deprived even though I eat mostly low carb. They’re so good. I have not found a better alternative. Customer service is responsive and super helpful, too.

  21. Deborah H. (verified buyer)

    It’s great to be able to eat bread again, but they are expensive and spoil quickly. Freeze them if you want them to last.

  22. Kay B. (verified buyer)

    Of the gluten free buns I’ve had in the past, your sesame-seed topped bun is my favorite! The buns aren’t dry and don’t fall apart!

  23. Dr G. (verified buyer)

    These buns continue to be our family favorite for burgers, sandwiches, french toast and so much more. Perfect for all our healthy and varied “ways of eating” and has made giving up bread and grains so easy. Love their subscription service but often have to order even more. Great company to work with!!

  24. Jeff H. (verified buyer)

    I absolutely love these buns. I have an egg sandwich every morning with one of these buns, and it keeps me going throughout the day. The buns are soft and tasty and help you live that low-carb lifestyle.

  25. Eleanor (verified buyer)

    Love them! So glad to have a sandwich that is Keto!!

  26. Donna B. (verified buyer)

    The buns were very fresh. It was nice to have a lower carb option for bread.

  27. Charles Whitlock (verified buyer)

    Very good, healthy buns. We are trying to limit our carbs and grains. Highly recommend. Will be ordering more soon.

  28. Francoise H. (verified buyer)

    Tastes like real grain bread, because it is. The buns are of a satisfying size, too. Customer service is top.

  29. Francoise H. (verified buyer)

    These easily last 7 days in the fridge. I don’t even toast them. They’re delicious as they are. Please make other products as well, like brownies and other low carb things for those of us who are allergic to baking!

  30. Robin (verified buyer)

    Omega buns are a miracle! Delicious. Reasonable amount of calories and carbs. Great to have a gluten free bread that doesn’t taste or have the texture of other gluten free breads!

  31. Dr G. (verified buyer)

    Absolute best and most versatile product that is a must have in our home. Enjoyed by the entire family and really perfect for my clean way of eating.

  32. Tammy B. (verified buyer)

    The buns are fresh and delicious. The banana muffins bake very well and are also delicious.

  33. Amy P. (verified buyer)

    Amazing product. Can’t wait to order more!

  34. Joy Wicks (verified buyer)

    Love the buns. My only complaint is they are both high in cholesterol and sodium. Would love it if both of those ingredients were not so substantial.

  35. Elizabeth S. (verified buyer)

    The buns are soft and tasty. I’m a sandwich gal and these fit the bill.

  36. Amy P. (verified buyer)

    Amazing product! Tastes great and is a super clean food.

  37. Kris W. (verified buyer)

    I have tried the sesame seed so far. It tasted good just toasted with butter.

  38. Lisa V. (verified buyer)

    Love these so much! Flavorful and convenient.

  39. Deborah S. (verified buyer)

    ooo…mmmm…geee! These just made my Keto journey so much easier and health goals more attainable. I wish they made dinner rolls and hot dog shaped buns as well.

  40. Michelle S. (verified buyer)

    Very pleased with my order. They taste great don’t fall apart. I can eat a “hamburger” with a bun.

  41. Reba L. (verified buyer)

    These buns taste better than any keto buns I have tried… I find I like them toasted before making a sandwich… I will buy again!

  42. Patricia M. (verified buyer)

    Great product! Fast delivery.

  43. Jane B. (verified buyer)

    They are the best keto bun option around! Packaged and delivered so nice and quick!

  44. Lesley R. (verified buyer)

    These are so delicious!! I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy 7 months ago and have been missing sandwiches. I do not like the other gluten free breads, they fall apart and I don’t like the taste. These are perfect for sandwiches, burgers, and breakfast sandwiches. I am so happy that I found these, thank you Tiktokketo for recommending them.

  45. Lisa C. (verified buyer)

    It is nice to have an alternative to bread and to be able to have a hamburger or sandwich like everyone else. You won’t even miss the bread option! It tastes wonderful. So blessed to have this option. ?

  46. Brian L. (verified buyer)

    Fast delivery, great product.

  47. Jody G. (verified buyer)

    These are wonderful!

  48. Sandra M. (verified buyer)

    Tried one, flaxseed buns, they are ok, but this is Keto, looking forward to trying the others.

  49. Marcelle C. (verified buyer)

    They taste great! Love that I can have a burger on a bun! Bought the mix so now I can make hot dog buns! Yippee!!!!

  50. Jedidiah H. (verified buyer)

    If you’re into real food these are great.

  51. Anissa F. (verified buyer)

    Love these so much! I’m keto and missed sandwiches! So good!

  52. Sandra R. (verified buyer)

    These buns are absolutely delicious. I was so happy to finally find bread that does not contain tapioca. Yea!!!!! Thank you.

  53. Barbara R. (verified buyer)

    Omg I absolutely loved them….great taste and texture….I especially loved them toasted. Planning on getting more….THANK YOU….

  54. Corrine H. (verified buyer)

    These are the best buns I have tasted, for being on keto.

  55. Wendi D. (verified buyer)

    Absolutely amazing product AND service!!

  56. Nunila V. (verified buyer)

    I love them, they hold up to double burger and anything else. I’ve recommended them to my keto-lifestyle Facebook page.

  57. Melissa T. (verified buyer)

    I love them and it is great I can enjoy some bread!

  58. Jedidiah H. (verified buyer)

    Best low carb bun I’ve found and I’ve tried many. These are the only ones I’ve purchased more than once.

  59. Rebecca M. (verified buyer)

    These continue to be my go-to bread!!!

  60. Lorraine N. (verified buyer)

    The perfect complement to whatever sandwich I make! Soft and chewy, not blatantly overpowering. Perfection in a bun!!

  61. Debora G. (verified buyer)

    They’re pretty tasty.

  62. Elizabeth S. (verified buyer)

    These are one of the best GF products I have found. The bun shape is very versatile. The flavor is great.

  63. Durdana Iqbal (verified buyer)

    OMG, they are the best low carb tasting buns i have had so far. Amazing.

  64. Marcelle C. (verified buyer)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these buns! Being keto for 2 years I have always made my own bread and rolls. Omega Bun makes my life SOOO much easier! Always keep some in the freezer! The Golden loaf mix is awesome also! I make buns with that as well.

  65. Tiana G. (verified buyer)

    Absolutely delicious! Worth the buy, freeze what you don’t use. Its so nice to have a bun on Keto!

  66. Joshua (verified buyer)

    These are some of the best keto friendly bread-like products I have found! There can be a minor grainy/sandy texture, but it is more than compensated by the overall flavor and super low net carb count.

  67. Marcelle C. (verified buyer)

    Before I found these buns I was making rolls every other weekend. A lot of work. Now I just keep my freezer stocked with Omega buns and I am good to go!

  68. Michael G. (verified buyer)

    Best gluten-free bun on the market.

  69. Sarah Hatfield (verified buyer)

    Excellent bread substitute that goes great with every meal. Give them a try for sure. You won’t be disappointed!

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    Image #1 from Sarah Hatfield
  70. Michael G. (verified buyer)

    Best gluten-free bun on the market.

  71. Elma (verified buyer)

    Love these buns! Finally get to enjoy a hamburger and sandwiches again. Other gluten free breads do not compare. Good way to get some extra Omega 3.

  72. Anonymous (verified buyer)

    Great tasting. Wonderful customer support!

  73. Phyllis (verified buyer)

    Delicious and healthy! The best grain free I have tasted!

  74. Cynthia Ahmad (verified buyer)

    I love the buns!!!

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