Simple (but not guilty) pleasures

One of my simple pleasures in life is to eat healthy and enjoy it. If eating healthy is a sacrifice for you, it means you are not choosing the right foods. Eating should be a pleasure. This is where I can help. I coach people to eat healthy and deliciously, so they lose weight without feeling deprived.

In my hunt for a low-carb bread that I could freely recommend to my clients, as well as include in my family’s dishes (without it tasting like chalk or having the texture of cardboard), I found Omega Bun. This is the bread that we now consume in my home, and the one I recommend to my clients. Friday home movies are my favorite, gathering with friends and family, we prepare hamburgers, cheese trays and cold meats, accompanied by a good glass of red wine. And the best part is that I no longer have to prepare two different dishes. With my Omega Bun, I no longer have to feel out of place for refusing to share in the same foods we serve for everyone. Fitting my macros without exceeding carbohydrates has never been so simple and tasty!  

— Keto Coach Magda, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Keto advocate.